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Creating natural smiles for all ages is our superpower. Discover your potential at Excelsior Orthodontics. From sparkling clear aligners to traditional braces, we help children, teens, and adults of all ages unlock their brightest smiles. We accept most major insurances and are in-network with Delta Dental, making orthodontic care accessible to everyone.
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Meet your local orthodontist.

“I love partnering with patients on
their journey toward a beautiful,
strong smile.”
- Dr. Minh Nguyen
Excelsior_Orthodontics Dr. Minh Nguyen
Excelsior Orthodontics in Purcellville

With great smiles comes great responsibility.

That’s why we provide one-on-one
care and custom treatments that bring
your best smile to life.

Say hey to the
smile squad.

From our concierge team to our clinical associates, our squad is 100% dedicated to you and your smile. It’s our mission to make you feel comfortable, confident, and informed every step of the way.

How we make dream smiles happen

There are a lot of clear aligners out there, and you deserve the brand that’s responsible for creating the best results. That’s why we partner with Spark to gradually shift your teeth into place — without anyone noticing.
You might be thinking…

Why Spark?

More discreet
More comfortable
More stain-resistant
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More discreet
More comfortable
More stain-resistant
Spark Clear
More discreet
More discreet
More discreet

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